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Synergy Flow Arts

Synergy Flow Arts the leader in fire hoops and fire props has now partnered with Hoopologie. Since 2001, Synergy Flow Arts has been hand-crafting hoops. They are a collective of artisans who share a passion for rhythm, pattern, and perfection in motion, and they have inspired some of the most innovative creation of hoops and fire props in the world. Their dedication to the craft has remained the same: impeccable design by artists, for artists. It is this same passion that inspired us to open the ultimate hoop supply store in June 2013. We want to give you the best possible tools and resources to craft your vision so that you feel inspired, enlightened, and able to discover your ultimate flow. It was only natural that Hoopologie and Synergy would join forces with a renewed passion to serve the flow arts community. Hoopologie will be taking over Synergy’s Polypro coil distribution and Synergy will now be offering their flow props with the expansive color palette of tubing that Hoopologie offers. As such you can now come to get the Synergy Flow Arts' awesome tubing colors at Hoopologie. For a look at the Synergy colors visit Polypro Tubing. For fire hoops and fire props visit