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Hoop Fitness? Hoop Dance? Hoop just for fun?


Our Beginner Hoops are fully customizable for your needs. You have three (3) Hoop Types to choose from:

1) If you're looking to start hooping on body (on the waist), our Standard Beginner hoop is our most basic and budget friendly hoop.

2) Maybe your goal is to get in shape this year! The best way to get a full body workout, increase your endurance and stamina is with our Two in One Fitness hoop. You'll want to use the hoop in its biggest form to start conditioning your body. When you're ready to challenge yourself and really get your heart pumping, all you need to do is remove a section off the hoop and...BOOM, you have a smaller hoop that is going to spin a lot faster.

3) One of the most sound ways for a person to discover their unique "flow" is by hoop dancing. Some say a hoop is a tool or a dance partner. It helps us by setting up guidelines for our body to trace, expand and contract, glide and spin. Our Trifecta Dance is the perfect hoop and it will help take you from a beginner to advance in no time!

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These hoops are hand taped and manufactured in the USA.

Nicole Goss blackgurlhoopin ambassador

The Purple Emperor Hoop is a custom Beginner Fitness Hoop design, inspired by Nicole Goss (aka @blackgurlhoopin). 

“The Purple Emperor is a rare butterfly with rich meaning and symbolism.
Purple has always been a color associated with royalty and wealth.
Seeing a purple butterfly may indicates that an important person may soon make an appearance in your life.

Purple is also a color that strongly represents spirituality. Seeing a purple butterfly has profound personal meaning that may only be meant for the one who sees it.

If someone encounters a purple or violet colored butterfly, then the person must look deep within them to understand its meaning in their life at that time.

Often, seeing a purple butterfly can indicate that the person has been delving into spiritual matters or is on the path to enlightenment. It can also mean that the person is soon to attain mastery in a particular life pursuit that they have been focused on around the time.

Paying special attention to any dreams or visions that occur around the time of the purple butterfly sighting can reveal powerful insights.

Seeing a purple butterfly is also a message that is reminding one to be patient and keep faith. It is also urges us to have courage and trust in one's self.

If one has been feeling sad or under the weather, a purple butterfly can indicate that healing will soon take place.

If one has been feeling 'stuck in a rut' or lost on their path in life, a purple butterfly sighting may mean that a sudden breakthrough or life transformation is about to occur.”

Information from: https://www.butterflyinsight.com/purple-butterfly-color-meaning-and-myths.html#:~:text=But%20purple%20butterflies%20still%20have,color%20that%20strongly%20represents%20spirituality.


Proceeds from purchases will be donated to TBA organization of Nicole's choice.


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