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Kate Ryan

Kate Ryan

Since leaving her hometown of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan almost 3 years ago Kate has traveled the world teaching and performing circus. Her journey began in the summer of 2013 at a transformational festival of music and arts. A short year later Kate found herself teaching social circus in Asia and would soon be traveling to study circus in Australia. Kate was never a shy person, however in hoop dance she found a voice to speak the words she could never quiet figure out. Now an avid writer, workshop facilitator, circus artist, and inspirational "kid at heart" Kate lives her days fully embraced in the "childhood dream". Hula hooping taught Kate that her quirks were to be enjoyed. She was different, and she quickly learned that these "things", the "things" that often make you feel alone, are the contributing factors that make YOUR dance YOUR own. Embody your body. She has visited a global community of hoopstars and discovered one thing we all have in common, we LOVE to play.

Kate travels the world sharing this message "....always play, in everything you do BE YOU. Be silly, be weird, be adventurous, embrace the childhood dream, live your life optimistically, anything and everything is possible!" Currently wrapping up her west coast tour of Canada, Kate is headed south down to California next. The dream? To start her very own circus. Following her hearts content Kate is searching for the clown in everyone of us. To follow her journey though circus visit where she shares travels blogs, updates, tips and tricks, behind the scenes of her latest project.

Circo Cielo.

"I know it is cliche to say this, but hula hooping saved my life. My childhood was not ideal. These experiences shaped my troublesome teens and sent me spiraling downhill. I was living the wrong life, with the wrong crowd, in the wrong place and time. I saw no potential for myself, and then I started hula hooping. I started hula hooping when I was 18 years old. I am 21 now. I I have traveled 4 continents, 5 countries, and taught well over 3,000 people how to hula hoop. From the beginner hoop tricks to traveling the world solo, I have accomplished things I never thought possible. I found confidence, I found a friend within me. However it is not about the number, what it is about is living my life to it's fullest potential. Living OUR lives to their fullest potential. For the first time I see myself happy". Most importantly Kate values the uniqueness of the hoop community. She truly believes that happiness is found in a child's play toy.

Simple as that, let's play!