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HOOPLOVERS PACKAGE #3~ Polypro - 5 Cuts (20 foot each)


HOOPLOVERS PACKAGE #5 - HDPE 3/4" & 5/8" - Four Colors (20 foot each)

HOOPLOVERS PACKAGE #4 - HDPE 3/4" & 5/8" - Three Colors (20 foot each)

Especially listed for HoopLove Coaches! This listing includes everything you need to make hoops right out of the box! Insert Material (HDPE and Polypro), Rivets, & Snap Buttons are INCLUDED. Riveter, Tape Measure and pipe cutter are optional add-ons and are tools that need only to be purchased once. Riveters and pipe cutters can be purchased at local hardware stores as well. The tape measure can be found at a local fabric store.

Choose from all available colors and get a 20 foot cut of each color! To view pictures of every color please go to the HDPE - All Sizes menu option on the website. Please note that our color selection is indicated on the drop down menu and not all colors are available in every size. Hardware included! Colored HDPE tubing is vivid in color and silky smooth to the touch. It is the absolute best middle weight material around for hoops! It is durable and responsive. We love HDPE as it is a wonderful all around hoop and its versatility makes it a great value. All tubing colors are exclusive to Hoopologie and are proprietary. From SMALL coil HDPE tubing (100 feet makes approximately 10 hoops). If you have ANY questions about your project, please email us at or call us.

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