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Gail O'Brien

Gail O'Brien

1. Tell us your roots - where were you born and raised? I was born and raised in a little village near Belfast in Northern Ireland.

2. Why hooping? I started hooping for fun after being introduced to it by a friend in Bolivia I was terrible and couldn't shoulder hoop standing still for about 3 years!

3. What has the hoop taught you about life? Playing is still the most fun even if you're supposed to be a grown up!

4. What's next? How is your hoop life evolving? More practice, less travel. I love travelling but it's really hard to maintain a consistent practice when you are moving around so much. This year I want to focus more on training and performing and growing my business.

5. What aspect of the hoop community do you value the most and what do you hope to contribute to the future of hooping? The hoop community are always really open and generous whenever I visit different cities and that is really appreciated. I hope to contribute less goddess and more tech!!