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Hoop Fitness? Hoop Dance? Hoop just for fun?


Our Beginner Hoops are fully customizable for your needs. You have three (3) Hoop Types to choose from:

1) If you're looking to start hooping on body (on the waist), our Standard Beginner hoop is our most basic and budget friendly hoop.

2) Maybe your goal is to get in shape this year! The best way to get a full body workout, increase your endurance and stamina is with our Two in One Fitness hoop. You'll want to use the hoop in its biggest form to start conditioning your body. When you're ready to challenge yourself and really get your heart pumping, all you need to do is remove a section off the hoop and...BOOM, you have a smaller hoop that is going to spin a lot faster.

3) One of the most sound ways for a person to discover their unique "flow" is by hoop dancing. Some say a hoop is a tool or a dance partner. It helps us by setting up guidelines for our body to trace, expand and contract, glide and spin. Our Trifecta Dance is the perfect hoop and it will help take you from a beginner to advance in no time!

Need more help? Contact us! We'd love to hear from you. ❤ [email protected]

These hoops are hand taped and manufactured in the USA. Current production time for these hoops is 2-7 BUSINESS DAYS. If your order is urgent, please email us to know the exact day your hoop will ship out.

NOTE: Below is a simple guide for hoop materials and hoop sizes. EveryBODY is different and not all "standard" hoop materials and hoop sizes will feel the same. If you would like a more tailored hoop for you, please email us [email protected] and let's figure it out together!

ON-BODY HOOP SIZE: The bigger the hoop is, the slower the rotations will be. Reminder that! A good standard beginner hoop size for on-body hooping is between 40" OD - 44" OD. If you are shorter than 5'3", we recommend 36" OD - 38" OD.

ON-BODY HOOP MATERIAL: You'll want to use a somewhat thick and heavy hoop. The material commonly used for on-body hoops is called PE (polyethylene).
OFF AND ON-BODY HOOP SIZE: A good standard beginner hoop size for off and on-body hoop is between 30" OD - 34" OD.

OFF AND ON-BODY HOOP MATERIALS: You'll want a hoop that is light weight, so the materials and tubing size commonly used for off and on-body hoops is either Polypro or HDPE in either 3/4" (standard) or 5/8" (skinny)
OFF-BODY HOOP SIZE: A good standard off-body hoop size is between 26" OD - 32" OD.

OFF-BODY HOOP MATERIAL: You'll definitely want this hoop to be super light weight, and the material and tubing size commonly used is Polypro 5/8".

So what is the real difference between the tubing type? Why is this important for me to choose?!

If you're a straight beginner and you don't know or you have never hooped before, our (PE) polyethylene tubing is going to be SO helpful! Here's the thing. The bigger and heavier the hoop is, the easier it is to learn on. Why? Because when the hoop is spinning around your body, the rotation is going to be slower which will give you body and mind enough time to react. Make sense? You want a hoop that gives you a little bit of resistance, so that your body knows where to push.

HDPE tubing is a softer tubing and the weight scale is between a PE and Polypro. So, if you're looking for something that is inbetween heavy and light weight, HDPE is the way to go. We also recommend HDPE if you live in an area that is really it's snowing and icy! The reason why is because HDPE does better in colder temperature. Polypro on the other hand can potentially become brittle and crack when the weather drops exponentially.

Polypro tubing is FANTASTIC! We're a huge fan because this tubing is rigid and oh-so responsive to movement. It's also easy on the hands and the body, but don't be fooled. You can still get bruises if you're hooping incorrectly.

If you'd like to chat and really figure out the perfect hoop size for you, please email us!

We're here for you!!

[email protected]

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