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Anna Fisher

Anna Fisher

1. Tell us your roots - where were you born and raised? I was born and grew up on the North West coast of Tasmania.

2. Why hooping? How did the journey begin? I grew up emerged and enthralled in youth circus since I was about 8 years old. It was during this time I began hula hooping and it quickly became one of my favourite specialities. As I got older I wanted to take my circus training to a higher level and was accepted into the National Institute of Circus Arts in Melbourne to complete a certificate III and IV in Circus Arts whilst finishing high school. Gradually I drifted away from my other circus disciplines and now strictly train my absolute passion, Hula Hoops.

3. What has the hoop taught you about life? Hoops have taught me to work hard and never stop pushing yourself about what you can achieve.

4. What's next? How is your hoop life evolving? Amongst finishing my Psychological Sciences degree, I am hoping to continue training and push the limits of balance and circus hoops further, as well as expand my repertoire to hoop juggling and hoop rolling. 2016 saw my first international tour to Europe and New Zealand teaching workshops and performing at hoop events and circus festivals. I absolutely love teaching and my dream is to take my hoops all around the world.

5. What aspect of the hoop community do you value the most and what do you hope to contribute to the future of hooping? The people hooping has led me too – I’m so grateful for all the wonderful friendships I have made because of it. I am also passionate about hoop conventions and events, as I owe much of my own hooping experience to events like this growing up as a kid. I think it’s a great way to learn, meet people, have fun and get inspired. I am hoping to get more things like this happening in Australia!