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Warranty and Return Policy for Individual Hoops

Hoopologie wants you to love your hoop! Once your package arrives, we ask that you inspect your hoop IMMEDIATELY to make sure it is exactly what you ordered. Please do not sand or apply grip/wax to your hoop if it is not exactly what you wanted and you wish to exchange it.

CUSTOM MADE HOOPS : POLYPRO, HDPE, PERFORMANCE TAPED HOOPS, & SECTIONAL HOOPS. All hoops are crafted with the highest level of detail and dedication by a MASTER Hoopsmith with YEARS of experience, and has crafted over 1000 hoops. Each hoop is made with precision and love, and is a work of art; therefore, we encourage you to carefully choose your size, dimension and color.

We guarantee our hoops to land in your hands exactly the way we would want them delivered to us. Please follow the CARE instructions regarding hoops BEFORE contacting us with questions or concerns. If you are completely unsatisfied with your custom made hoop, we will accept it for an exchange. We do not cover any shipping costs associated with an exchange due to personal preference.

Hoopologie will guarantee the craftsmanship of the hoop for 180 days from the purchase date, which means that if it breaks for any reason, we will repair or replace the hoop (customer covers shipping cost one way). Taped hoops are expected to wear over time and cannot be returned for wear due to average/expected use. We will however evaluate hoops on a case by case basis to see how we can assist you if there is an issue that falls outside of our terms. Kinked hoops (due to aggressive hooping or attempting to coil down the hoop too small for storage), are not covered by the warranty. Exposure to heat when the tubing is collapsed can cause the tubing to warp and should be avoided. Polypro that breaks when used aggressively in extremely cold weather is also not covered under the warranty. Shipping costs for warranty items are covered one-way for domestic US customers, however we do not cover shipping costs for International Shipments, so please keep that in mind.

Warranty - Bulk Tubing & Tape & Tools

We want you to love your hoop supplies! Hoopologie warrants its products to be free from defect and workmanship for 180 DAYS. You must inspect your shipment thoroughly and inform us immediately if something is mis-picked or incorrect. If Hoopologie determines that the product is defective and the products have been stored and applied according to Hoopologie standards, then the product will be replaced at no charge. Unused tape and tubing should be stored in a clean and dry environment at room temperature. All Hoopologie tubing & products are made of only high quality materials and go through rigorous quality control steps to ensure you receive the best workmanship. PLEASE NOTE: Tubing with inner diameter variances are NOT considered defective, as tight tubing is a natural part of large scale manufacturing. Please see our HOOPMAKERS UNIVERSITY for tips on how to work with tight tubing and other ways to improve your hoop making skills.

Warranty Information - Lightwaves LED Hoops by Hoopologie

All Hoops have a Limited Warranty for 180 days from date of purchase to the original purchaser. Proof of purchase is necessary for any and all warranty work and must accompany any hoop for warrantee repair. The warrantee does not include kinked or broken tube, water damage, heat damage, obvious abuse to the hoop or lost or broken remote control units, or damage to strip lights for any continuous hoops. Returning the hoop for repair and any associated fees is the responsibility of the owner, repaired hoops will be returned to the customer at our expense using USPS Standard Post or Standard UPS (warranty only apples to US customers). Warranty repair is a priority and is normally returned to the customer within 24-48 hours. Batteries are not warranted.