SALE - Tape!  Updated 11/15/17

SALE - Tape! Updated 11/15/17

Slick-Gloss Vinyl

An Identi-Tape original! Slick-Gloss are high-gloss vinyl tapes are shiny and brilliant in color. The six fluorescent colors all glow under black light, even the blue - it's the first fluorescent blue tape we've ever seen. In 1/2-inch, we have a total of 22 colors. Slick-gloss is thin, stretchy, flexible, conformable, and repositionable. It has growing popularity on hoops and can be used for all kinds of decorating, from cell phones to hoops, signage, displays, tools, etc. Also great for agility equipment since it is glossy, fade resistant, and doesn't shrink. Rolls are 100 feet long on 1-1/2" diameter cores. The tape is 2.7 mils thick (0.0027") and has a peel-off paper backing. Slick-gloss tapes use a solventless, non-toxic, non-polluting adhesive, and comply with the European Union RoHS directive.
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Tangerine Slick-Gloss Tape 1/2"
was $4.50 Special Price $3.50
Sunflower Slick-Gloss Tape 1/2"
was $4.50 Special Price $3.50
Green Slick-Gloss Tape 1/2"
was $4.50 Special Price $3.50
Sky Blue Slick-Gloss Tape 1/2"
was $4.50 Special Price $3.50
Royal Blue Slick-Gloss Tape 1/2"
was $4.50 Special Price $3.50
Sunflower Slick-Gloss Tape 1"
was $9.00 Special Price $7.00
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