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Gold Snap Buttons

Insert Material - One 4 inch piece

Gray Barb Connectors

Gray Barb Connectors (Fits 3/4" ID Black PE Tubing)

Polycarb Insert - 3/8" INSERTS FOR 1/2" OD HOOPS

Super strong and light weight Polycarbonate connectors that are great for making riveted or push button hoops! (approx 1.65 inches long). The Polycarbonate connectors are VERY snug. At first it will be a challenge to work with them, but over time they will loosen up just a bit. Please note that these connectors have been too tight for some cuts of tubing. We have found over time that people prefer to have to work a little harder to disconnect their hoop than have a weak wobbly hoop because of a loose connection.
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