Hoopologie Partnerships

Synergy Flow Arts - www.synergyflowarts.com

Synergy Flow Arts

World class hoops, firehoops and other flow props by Synergy FlowArts

We are a collective of artisans who share a passion for rhythm, pattern and perfection in motion. That's why we've been hand-crafting hoops since 2001. What we learn in our own flow inspires the innovative creation of some of the most in-demand products in the world. Our dedication to the craft has remained the same; impeccable design by artists, for artists.

Deanne Love - hooplovers.tv

Deanne Love

Hooplovers is your online destination for hoop learning. We share the largest library of free hoop dance tutorials, downloadable lessons, online hoop courses and teacher training resources. Hooplovers is the ultimate portal for total beginners, well seasoned hoop spinners or those looking to become professional hoop instructors. Hoopologie has partnered with Hooplovers to offer savings incentives on hula hoop crafting supplies. Certified Hoop Love coaches can order easily from our website and enjoy benefits of working with a reliable company with the largest selection of tubing colors and tapes in the world.

Safire - learn.hoopingclasses.com

Safire Hoop Dance

Safire is a world-renowned circus and fire entertainer, skilled in a variety of movement arts, and has a range of performance experience. She has performed in 15 different countries around the world, has almost 3 million views on her YouTube channel and has appeared in dozens of television spots, magazines, newspapers, blogs and more. She offers a variety of classes including all levels of hooping, a hoop teacher training, and a performance training available to you anywhere in the world.

The Hooppath - Jonathan Baxter - www.thehooppath.com

The Hooppath

The Hooppath - Jonathan Baxter has been hoop dancing since late 2001. He has been teaching hoop dance professionally since April of 2005. He has been podcasting since February 2016.

The HoopPath (www.thehooppath.com/what-is-the-hooppath) is a movement course that combines creativity and authentic expression with movement exploration and touch of rigor. Hooping is non-traditional movement of non-traditional people.

The FutureHero Podcast (www.thehooppath.com/podcast) is a podcast inspired by my life teaching people Authenticity through movement. Each episode features me pushing positivity over a soundtrack provided by some really amazing musicians.

Hillia Hula - www.hillia.com

Hillia Hula

Hula Hoop Extraordinaire Hillia mesmerizes audiences across the US with her captivating circus hoop act. Watch her spin everything from a single hoop at lightning speed to a giant rainbow slinky composed of twenty-eight hoops

Hula Hoop Slinky Course (www.hillia.com/hula-hoop-slinky-course) If you are interested in making your own slinky, Hillary Hula can’t wait to help you! Getting the slinky just right has taken her countless hours and investments but she finally has the formula down and can help save you the headache. Your purchase is greatly appreciated and helps support her small business so that she can continue to create detailed courses and content like this. We hope to save you a lot of time and money while giving you the confidence you need to create a slinky right the first time!

Geometry Certification Course (www.hillia.com/geometry-certification-course)Would you like to learn how to create beautiful multiple hoop geometry patterns like wings and mandalas? Imagine taking your performances to the next level and wowing your audience. Over the last couple years I have received numerous requests to create a hoop multiples geometry course. I am thrilled to announce that this course is finally ready and now available with a certification option! This course includes the 7 hoop mandala many of you ask me about and the different hoop wing variations. After mastering this course you will also be able to combine the patterns and shapes we have learned to make patterns over 7 hoops. The possibilities are endless and it all starts with just 2 hoops! Add patterns to your doubles flow, add shapes to your quads sequences, and add large, complex patterns for performance finales and fun photo shoots!