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Koa Hoop - Beginner Fitness Hoop

This perfect beginner hoop is offered in three different options, and you can also choose your tubing size and type! *The 40-inch single hoop is wonderful for anyone just starting out, or if you just like to body rock! *The "break away" option includes two hoop sizes in one - 36" and 40" diameters; simply remove the extender piece to downsize . (Great for beginner hoopers and for advancing without buying a new hoop.) *The Trifecta Hoop has two extenders within the hoop so you can start off with a larger size and then reduce the size of the hoop as you progress in your hooping (44", 40", and 36" diameters).

We also offer various hoop tubing to choose from. 3/4" PE Tubing is the black irrigation tubing found at hardware stores and it is the largest option as it is measured by the inner diameter (so it is actually 1" outer diameter tubing). It is great for beginners who mainly want to start with on-body hooping around the waist, or if you just want a fitness hoop. 7/8" HDPE and Polypro are slightly smaller and great for the beginner who also wants to start trying some tricks. HDPE is softer and more pliable, and better for hooping in the cold outside. Polypro is more rigid and fluid. These hoops are hand taped and manufactured in the USA.

Current production time for these hoops is 2-7 BUSINESS DAYS. If your order is urgent, please email us to know the exact day your hoop will ship out.

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