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The Bonzai LED Hoop is a beautiful single stranded with solid white, red, orange lights with red/white/blue dragonfly LEDs intertwined. It runs on one AA battery (3/4" and 7/8" hoops) or one AAA battery (5/8" hoops). All batteries are rechargeable lithium-ion. This hoop is collapsible and includes one battery and one charger. Counter weight can be added for an additional fee, and extra batteries and chargers may also be purchased. We do recommend purchasing one or more sets of additional batteries so you will always have a spare set changed and ready to go when you need them. Please note: the Bonzai pictured above is made with clear polypro tubing. Warning: Like all LED hoops with removable batteries, slight rattling may occur with the battery during vigorous hooping such as breaks, wedgies, etc... If bothersome the battery may be wrapped with something thin such as paper towel, etc...

(PLEASE REVIEW LED SHIPPING POLICIES BEFORE ORDERING AND NOTE THAT LED HOOPS TAKE 7-10 BUSINESS DAYS TO PRODUCE BEFORE THEY ARE SHIPPED. If you choose UPS expedited shipping (Next Day, 2nd day, 3 day select) that is ONLY for shipping when the hoop is ready and does not include the time it takes to produce the hoop.)

(LED Hoops are handmade to order at a location outside of the Hoopologie warehouse. If you order hoopologie products with and LED hoop, you will receive the order in 2 separate shipments).

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