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White 3M Diamond Grade Premium Reflective Tape

White 3M Diamond Grade Premium Reflective Tape

Gold High-Intensity Reflective Tape

Blue High-Intensity Reflective Tape

Blue Moonglow Vinyl Photoluminescent Tape

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This tape has AMAZING photoluminescence. It is as bright as any photoluminescent tape we have ever seen. Its value for brightness after 10 minutes in darkness is 190 mcd/lux/sq.m. Glows all night (11 hours) with gradually diminishing brightness. Is best used as a luminescent marker on anything you want to find in your tent at night in a hurry; flashlight, water bottle, bear spray, etc. It can be used outdoors too, but intense sun will diminish its lifespan to several years. Moonglow II has a matte finish, conforms well to any surface, is pliable and slightly stretchy, yet has great tensile stregth. It is great for hoops! It's also GREAT on fishing lures and flies! Available in TWO colors - Green and Blue.
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